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Furniture Electrics

DESKING ELECTRICS Suppied and Installed

Specialist Office Services can specify and supply and install your desking electrics for you. We have full training and understand how the BS6396 standards work so you can rest assured your desking electrics will conform to  the latest government specifications.


Specialist Office Services also offer a cable management tidying service. We can make sure that your cables are correctly run through your desking system and not hanging down causing a possible hazard to you and your staff.


Specialist Office Services are fully qualified to test yor desking electrics. We have been trained by one of the leading furniture electric solutions manufacturers (Form Fittings) to install, test and certify the power sockets that are fitted to your workstations and desks. Did you know that  by law, all desk electrics require this testing certificate?

As well as PAT testing your individual appliances and office machines, you should also make sure that the sockets you use conform to the correct regulations. If you can see the white extension leads laying under your desk, you may have a safety risk!

Specialist Office Services can carry out the relevant tests for you with little disruption using the correct testing machine for the job. A PAT testing machine does not cover your desk electrics, but our Claire machine does.

We can specify and supply the correct desking electrics and data solutions for you and make sure that you conform to the latest regulations, and while we are at it, we will ensure that your cabling is tidy and safe too!